War on the Homefront

Newtown Remembers the Heroes

Newtown Remembers the Heroes

It was only a couple months ago when we all remember saving our money for the holidays, putting up Christmas trees, and baking mom’s favorite holiday cookies. Unfortunately, this was also the same time we all remember some Connecticut families forced to break from tradition.

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was one to take a beating on our nation as a whole.

A Desire for Normalcy for the Children of Sandy HookPhoto Courtesy of msnbc.com

A Desire for Normalcy for the Children of Sandy Hook
Photo Courtesy of msnbc.com

This horrific event struck the hearts of not only those families involved, but parents across the world that now fear the safety of their own children. The New York Times and their article “Updates on Connecticut Shooting Aftermath” did an excellent job keeping their viewers updated as December 14th became a day we will never forget. With text, photos, videos, and Twitter links this multimedia story was ready to inform the public.

The story does more than just inform the public of what happened on that tragic day, but also gives meaning to the lives of those killed in the mass shooting. It was almost like a virtual tribute to everyone affected. It displayed pictures of those killed, slideshows of the heroes, and press coverage of parents who mourned the life of their children. The story served as an outlet for those involved in the massacre and complete coverage for the rest of us across the United States.

I personally found this presentation to be extremely effective.  Not only did it include multiple aspects of media coverage, but it also was very informative with captions, text, Twitter posts, and YouTube clips. Even better, the story included several links to other news pages that had more detailed coverage on a specific topic. This is a very effective tool because it allows readers to explore the entirety of the online news world. It was structured and exceptionally easy to follow as it was structured from story to story, life to life. With its multiple media outlets it was also very engaging. Long text was broken up by videos such as President Obama’s weekly address and images were inserted where needed as an explanation.

These links, videos, pictures, posts, and personal stories all helped to strengthen the package of an already engaging story. However, I do think that the author made it quite extensive. While it is nice to have a lot of media included, it can also be very overwhelming. While it did leave me very satisfied and emotionally connected to the story and the people, it also made me wonder how they could have outlined this differently. The only suggestion I have is that the author break up the story into separate website pages.  This would eliminate the long scroll bar and avoid distractions from the story as a whole. It would also be organizationally effective if the author of the page make tabs to structure the story.

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