Laramie Behind the Lens

Tears of Joy

“Tears of Joy”
Amanda Joy, newly engaged, embraces her fiancé at a Valentine’s Day dinner inside the Cavalryman shortly after he proposed.

After working a very stressful Valentine’s Day dinner at a local steakhouse this moment brightened not only the night for this couple, but for several of the servers I work with. While it may seem like a very simple photograph to capture it was extremely difficult for how intimate this moment was. At first, I felt like I was intruding by photographing this event; however, I soon realized that while this was a very personal time, this was still a time of happiness.

I wanted to capture the extremity of Amanda’s emotions with her tears, but also the joy in the smile spread across her face. I figured since this is a very personal moment it would be best captured up close to draw attention to her emotions. I also used focus to draw direct attention to her face with no background distractions.


“Snow Day”
Michael Brass clears the walkway out front of his business, Mountain Pacific Mortgage as the snow continues to fall on a quiet and gloomy Tuesday afternoon in Laramie.

An unexpected snowfall hit the city of Laramie on the early morning of February 26th. As homeowners spent most of their day shoveling driveways and their front sidewalks, business owners didn’t hesitate to do the same thing.  I didn’t think to capture this photograph until the man hollered at me to “stay warm!”. Then I realized the effect the snow had on him and his business. He was doing his civic duty to keep customers and townspeople safe from sliding out front his business.

It was very easy to get this shot because of his friendliness and because I photgraphed a lot of this scene. When photographing this subject I felt like I was capturing an everyday moment in Laramie where snow is a normal occurance. Some of the creative devices I used were leading lines, with the shop windows and canopy’s that lead out of the photograph just above the subject, and the rule of thirds so that the man falls right along the points of intersection, capturing the eye of the viewer.


“Pita Crew”
Employee’s Laura Angell and Marlena Saxe, use team work to take on a busy lunch shift at Pita Pit in the Wyoming Student Union.

Every day the Wyoming Union fills with students eager to keep warm or grab a bite to eat. On a lunch break I was able to capture several of the employees hard at work as the snow drew students inside. When I began photographing it was somewhat awkward. I wanted to get behind the glass so that my photograph would capture their hands at work.

Here I used leading lines from the linear food station that draw the focus of the image straight towards the employee’s hands.

black boy

“Family Guy”
Third grader Marcus Grave uses the computer at the Albany County Public Library for a little Family Guy entertainment after school.

After school hours at the Albany County Public Library invite several young students to come study, read books, research online, or find entertainment sources.  This picture was difficult to take becuase I didn’t want him to know I was taking his picture; when some kids realize they are being photographed they like to pose for the camera.  Instead I quietly spoke to his mother who gave me permission to take the photo and then waited for a shot.  After browsing on the computers, Marcus began watching ‘Family Guy’ which I found very humorous for a childs library entertainment.

I used the direction of his eyes on the screen to draw the viewer to the computer screen. I also like the color used for the bright green chair on his dark colored clothing.  Focus was also used as the books are blurred in the background.  I also used rule of thirds for the boy.

Laramie BBall

“High School Hops”
Laramie Plainsmen endure a tough practice after coming out of a losing game to Cheyenne East. Head coach Chuck Kern put his boys to work during a team scrimmage.

After attending both the Plainsmen and Lady Plainsmen basketball practices at the local high school I was able to score this action shot. The boys’ team was coming off of a game loss to Cheyenne East and was paying for it in this practice. Everyone was exhausted and even I was struggling to get a good photograph.  After moving around on the court and standing high up in the bleachers I was able to capture this layup from the floor. It was difficult to get a good close up picture with a basic camera, but when I got this shot I knew I was leaving with just what I was looking for.

In this photo I used focus; all of the boys direct their eyes towards the ball at the top of the basketball hoop which immediately draws their attention to the subject.

From this assignment I learned that photography can do more than just capture a moment; it can tell a story. While I was surprised of how difficult it was to capture a clear action photograph on a basic camera, it did make me wish I had a more complex one. I also feel like I took a variety of pictures but wish I could have taken more sports photograph’s considering I want to become a sports journalist.

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