Listen Carefully


It was early in the morning and I was pulling another “all nighter” to complete the over load of homework I had yet to finish.  There were very few people left in the library considering it was 3:30 a.m. and it was nearly silent.  There was one noise that continued to ring throughout the room, and that was the noise of the fingertips pounding on the keyboard as sleepless students struggled to stay awake.

The typing ambient noise could be used in an audio journalism story about the emergence of social networking and social media in American youth culture.


The sound of running water is a familiar noise for everyone.  Whether it’s the kitchen sink, the flush of a toilet, an outdoor hose, or the sound of water from a showerhead, which is featured in this audio from my apartment bathroom, people can relate to this sound.

This ambient noise is very recognizable and can be used in several different audio journalism stories.  For example, the running water in this audio clip could be used in a story about conserving water during nation wide droughts.


I not only love to eat but I also love to cook.  I am always in the kitchen and after focusing on ambient noises that surround me; I quickly realized that there are a lot of different sounds created when you’re cooking in the kitchen.  The noise made in this audio is the sound of potatoes hitting a hot frying pan and sizzling as I season them for my breakfast.

This ambient noise is frequently heard in the kitchen and could be used in an audio journalism story about obesity issues as a result of deep fried foods.

“Read All About It”

A man at Coal Creek Coffee Co. flips through the pages of his newspaper, lacking any interest in the daily news stories.  His mood is reflected in the pace at which he is turning the pages of the paper:  dissatisfied.

The ambient noise featured here could be used in an audio journalism story about dying print media in our technologically advancing culture.


After an unexpected winter storm hit Laramie early Monday morning, students trekked to school bundled up in snow gear head to toe.  By the late afternoon the snow had hardened creating this crunching sound as students walked through campus.  I was able to record this audio as a student walked into the student union just before the early morning rush of students heading to class.

This ambient noise could be featured in an audio journalism story covering harsh weather conditions in northern states.


Sitting at work folding napkins, I was able to take in several different sounds around me.  One of the noises I recorded was the noise of a broom sweeping across the newly polished hardwood floors.  With light chatter in the background, the Cavalryman employee sweeping the floors made for a unique ambient noise.

This noise of a broom sweeping across a restaurant floor could be used in an audio journalism story about competing restaurants that keep clean to attract customers and increase their business profits.


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