Cheers to Finals!

University of Wyoming Alcohol Consumption During Finals Week

For my final blog I used the tools I have learned with audio editing, the interviewing process, and digital storytelling to create a complete video project.  When deciding what we wanted to report, my partner Kelsey Tramp and I initially chose to do a promotional video on the University of Wyoming 2013 Spring Game.  However, when we realized other students would be covering that same event we wanted to do something more creative and original.

Living in a college town there are a lot of bars in business, but we also know Finals Week can be a major stressor for students.  Therefore, we wanted to report a feature story of the alcohol consumption during finals week and how this time of year affects student’s tendencies to drink or not.

The thing I enjoyed most about this project was actually going out into the community and interviewing a variety of different students.  I felt like an actual reporter collecting our video clips and gathering all of the different perspectives for our project.  I also really enjoyed the accomplishment of this project.  To sit down at the end of it all and play our completed video made me feel really proud of all the work we had put into this project, and to know we would be able to share it with everyone.

Although, the one thing that was really frustrating was the editing process.  We had a really neat idea of how we were going to lay out our video in our heads, but we underestimated the time it would take to actually do it.  The Adobe Premier program crashed multiple times during our editing process and we lost a lot of the work we had done initially.  After going to a technician in the IT building, we were able to get a little more help processing our video.

I learned a lot from this project.  I learned first with the interviewing process how to be personable with people in order to make them comfortable doing a video interview.  This can be very nerve-racking for some individuals unless you talk them through it.  I also learned the patience required to work with certain technology that can pose a lot of threats to your project.  This is what really surprised me.  With a new and updated version of Adobe Premier you would think that a two and a half minute video would not be too large of a file to work with.  However, the size of our file gave the program a lot of trouble.  What happens when you have a thirty minute video you are trying to edit?  Either way, at the end of the timely video process we were able to create the project we had envisioned.

I am glad I got the experience I did with this video project because I can see myself using it a lot in my future.  With sports journalism and sports broadcasting, the research process may include gathering video interview clips with players or video clips of games that must be edited and reformatted to share.  Now I at least have my feet wet and won’t be a complete deer in the headlights next time I am required to make a video project!

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