Getting to Know Hannah Cox

Well hello cyber world! As if you aren’t familiar with me already, from every other social networking site, my name is Hannah Cox. 2012 Swim TeamOriginally from “Littlefun” (more officially known as Littleton, Colorado) I moved all around the Midwest after high school.  I left my parents and my older sister Lyndsey in hopes of becoming a swimming superstar.  I attended the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID on a swimming scholarship only twenty three hours from home.  There I swam as a middle distance freestyler and competed for the Idaho Vandals all girls swim team.  Don’t get me wrong living in Liberal Central wasn’t all that bad, but I left the pot smoking, tie dye wearing, hippies for conservative, cowboy country (more where I fit in).  The summer of my freshman year I made an athletic decision to transfer to the University of Wyoming.  Here I swam as a Cowgirl for two seasons before I decided it was time to hang up the suit.  Although the transition from a student athlete to a traditional undergrad took some time, I’ve traded early morning practices for late night study sessions.  I am now working a part time job at a local steakhouse and instead of aspiring success in the pool, I am now focused on my degree in Journalism.   My ambition is to report and share other athlete’s successes with the world.  Aside from the competitive athlete I grew up to be, sports have always played a big role in my family and my life growing up.  In my hopes of becoming a sport’s journalist for ESPN and sharing my dream with professional athletes, I am making this blog to expose myself.  As a project for my Online Journalism class, the purpose of my site is to get a jump-start on my career in writing and blogging. I want to share my stories, my interests, and my talents in multimedia with you and I hope you enjoy!

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